"Sentou" Edo Tokyo Tatemonokan Koganei by Yotta1000 on Flickr.


A boy sharing an umbrella with a deer



Torajiro the cat & his friend Kikuchiyo the Shiba inu

Torajiro is in elementary school and Chiyo is a junior high school student - April 2014

Source : shibakikuchiyo.blog32.fc2.com



Skip (by Yuki Ishikawa Photography)


Kumihama by inoMetabo on Flickr.


shouta-rui asked: Hello! Your blog is cute! I found a lot of interisting thing here ^_^ Have a fun day!^O^

woah sorry, this was sent like a few weeks ago! I haven’t logged into this account in a while! But anyway, thank you. I’m glad you’ve enjoyed the blog :)


匿名 asked: Hi~ where did you get the video of /post/7960721519/x please tell me :3

aa i’m sorry I don’t remember anymore. I ripped it off of a japanese website but it was such a long time ago that i no longer have the video. Sorry!



Title: the most important sound you'll ever hear Artist: steven spielberg 5,755 再生



konnichiwa steven spielberg desu

still important


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